There is a place, like no place on Earth!  A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!  Come with me, and let’s journey into the memory of Warping with Queen Hatter 

A graphic image with a photograph of chained yarn in blue, purple, and pink colours. There is a matching blue square at the bottom with pink text that reads Warping with Queen Hatter at Mad Hatter Warped & Woven Studio

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Ready, everyone!  Everyone ready! 

Mad Hatter Warped & Woven team scurried around the studio in preparations for months!  After our recent move, we had plenty to do!   The Hatta and Time worked steadily to determine all the logistics needed to welcome guests for the most magical experience in our little Wonderland. 

Our weavers and artisans worked extra hours to be able to create over 50 handmade products to be sold during the event ranging from handwoven baby wraps to neckwear to handbags to keepsakes.  Queen Hatter kept everything running smoothly as she helped finish products and prepared for the warping with our guests.  

To add to excitement; Baby Tula, Blue Hibou, and Bamberoo graciously offered Right To Buy products and conversion slots for attendees to use their custom made fabric from the event to be made into soft structure carriers and ring slings. 

Soon enough, it was June 8th and guests started entering our little Wonderland. 

A wooden warping wheel inside of Mad Hatter Warped & Woven Studio. Wheel has blues, purples, greens, and other colours of thread on it. In the back, Wildflower is blurry and is weaving on a wooden loom with threads of pinks, creams, and blues. There are large windows with sunlight coming through in the background.

Warping with Queen Hatter

For those unfamiliar with the warping and weaving process, Queen Hatter explains, "Warping is the process of measuring the yarn and creating the colourway that will later be woven. This is when you decide which colour will go where. While I have taught others in my studio how to weave for me, every Mad Hatter Warped & Woven still begins with some yarn, my warping wheel, and my hands. I select the colour of threads to be used, the order they will be used in, how they will transition together, and their proportions then I measure them on my warping wheel. This is a process that normally takes me around 12 hours to complete. Once I have filled a warping wheel, I chain the yarn from it. That keeps all the threads in order and in even tension. Later I take these chains and using a consistent tension while winding them onto the loom. After they are on the loom, we thread the heddles, tie on, and I set all the tension. Then Gryphon, Wildflower, or myself handweaves the fabric.  Before a shuttle is thrown, over 20 hours has already been dedicated to preparing the loom."

For the event, Queen Hatter had two warping wheels and yarn chosen by our guests to create a once in a lifetime experience. Together, the guests and Queen Hatter warped and chained the yarn that Wildflower will soon weave by hand to have this special event fabric completed and ready to send home to our guests by the end of October 2019.  As those in the baby wearing world know, fabric made by Queen Hatter is very loved and experiences where you get to be involved in the creation process are quite rare.  Not only did this event give our guests time in our studio and creating with our artisans, it gave our guests the chance to warp the yarn that will be used in their fabric.  Guests had so much fun learning more about the weaving process and getting to help in preparing the yarn that will be woven into lasting memories they will forever share with Queen Hatter and our team. 

Queen Hatter is shown with two guests warping thread onto a wooden warping wheel. Queen Hatter has on a black shirt with the Mad Hatter logo on it, and a pink feathered hat. Queen Hatter and guests are looking at each other and smiling/ laughing.

More than Warping & Fabric

Guests had an hour of time designed just for them to be in our studio with groups of 4-6 people. There were three areas available, including the main event -warping with Queen Hatter.  During their visit, they had the opportunity to make a memory scrap jar and learn how to make their own tassels with yarn Queen Hatter uses to warp.  They also had time to style and try on a variety of baby wraps, neckwear, and handbags before completing that station with drawing a ticket for a Mad Hatter Warped & Woven product they had the option to purchase.  Queen Hatter worked diligently to exceed guests' expectations and make their trip to Mad Hatter Warped & Woven studio one they'd never forget.

To conclude each event guests had the option to go to dinner with Queen Hatter.  It was heart warming to see the connections that have formed in this baby wearing community. Most of our guests were full of anticipation and excitement as they met some of their closest online friends for the first time.  This sense of community and belonging inspires Queen Hatter to keep weaving and cultivating an environment of love and acceptance for all. 

Guests are sitting at a Mad Hatter Warped & Woven work table making yarn tassels in all colours. There are spools of thread, tassels, scissors, and other supplies on the table. Guests look concentrated in their tassel making.

May You Travel Far Under Fair Skies, Alice

Just as the Hatta bids Alice Fairfarren and Alice promises to return to Wonderland, we hope to forever hold these memories in our hearts with the wish to see you in Wonderland again. 

Measuring tapes are entwined together and shaped into a heart laying on a wooden work bench inside Mad hatter Warped & Woven Studio. Blurry in the background, there are large windows with sunshine coming through.

Light & Love

Mad Hatter Warped & Woven