Photo of hide of leather in gold foil leather. In front of leather is text that reads Leather Care for your Mad Hatter Warped & Woven Handbag.

Hello, hello from Wonderland!  It is quite lovely having you here, indeed. 

It is known that Mad Hatter Warped & Woven creates some of the most beautiful, handmade, artisanal handbags.  We take pride in how skilled our small team of leather crafters are and in the high quality materials we use, including our leather. As an enthusiast of leather products, you will appreciate how buttery soft and durable our high quality leather is.  Knowing the differences in leather and the best way to care for your leather products will make your products look better, last longer, and give you peace of mind when you carry your Mad Hatter Warped & Woven handbag everywhere you go. 

Three Mad Hatter Warped & Woven Handbags including a Carrie and two Hartleys. Carrie has gold foil leather and Hartleys have blue and silver foil leather.

Types of Leather 

All leather goes through a tanning process to transform the skin to leather. This process prevents the hide from drying out and degrading, and can be done by vegetable tanning or chrome tanning. To know how to properly care for your leather products you must know how they were tanned and what type of leather you have. 

Most Mad Hatter Warped & Woven handbags are made with chrome tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather uses organic materials, which results in earthy tones with a colour that can change over time.  Chrome tanned leather is a chemical process which leads to a variety of colours and finishes. Chrome tanned leather is typically softer and longer lasting than the vegetable tanned leather due to the tanning process.  Chrome tanned leather is also better at repelling water marks and stains. 

A hide of tan leather showing natural marks in the leather.

In addition to a tanning process, all leather goes through a finishing process where natural blemishes of the hide including stretch marks, scars, brands, insect bites, etc are either removed or preserved.  How the leather has been finished will make a difference in what markings you should expect to find on your product, how you should care for your leather products, and how your leather product will age.  

When hides have an excess amount of natural markings, they go through a process of having the outermost layer of skin removed to get rid of those natural markings and to create a more uniformed look.  These hides finished are called Top Grain Leather.   Unfortunately, while removing this outermost layer of skin rids the hide of natural markings, it also makes it so the leather is not as durable nor as water repellent.  

Full Grain leather preserves the natural state of the hide including the natural blemishes.  While Full Grain leather will have natural blemishes that you can see, that top layer of skin that is preserved is more durable and helps to protect your leather from water, stains, and wear.   This is why Full Grain leather is more rare, expensive, and sought-after than Top Grain leather. 

Mad Hatter Warped and Woven uses Full Grain leather for all our handbags to ensure you can enjoy your handbag for years to come.  Some even believe that Full Grain leather looks better with age.  To us, this makes it worth the extra price along with the extra time and skill that it takes to create handbags with a soft leather. 

Close up of Mad Hatter Warped & Woven artisan sewing together a handbag made with copper foil leather.

Leather Colours and Finishes

We are excited to offer leather products in a variety of colours and finishes.  Along with the timeless black and tan; we have a variety of fashion colours, metallic finishes, and foil finishes. 

Three hides of leather including tan, blue, and blue metallic leather.

Mad Hatter Warped & Woven Lovato handbag with a rainbow colourway and turquoise leather.

Mad Hatter Warped & Woven Hartley handbag featuring Remix colourway and teal metallic leather.

A woman holding a Mad Hatter Warped & Woven Lovato handbag featuring Heartfelt colourway and Silver Foil leather

Three hides of leather including gold foil, copper foil, and blue metallic.

The foil leathers have been layered with a gold, bronze, or silver foil then finished with a distressed look.  There is no need to fret about the distressed areas where there is not foil as they were made to look this way and they will only get better with age.   

hide of copper foil leather showing distress and spots in leather.

Protecting, Conditioning, and Cleaning Your Leather 

With Full Grain Mad Hatter Warped & Woven handbags, you can choose to either treat or to not treat your leather prior to use.   Depending on the climate where you live, you may choose to treat your leather to protect it against any extra moisture or weather conditions you may encounter.

For those who wish to use a leather care product to protect, condition, and/or clean their Full Grain Mad Hatter Warped & Woven Handbag Leather, we recommend using Chamberlain's Leather Milk Formula No. 1, Formula No. 2, and/or Formula No. 3.  Prior to using the Chamberlain’s Leather Milk products, we strongly recommend you utilize the variety of visual and written instructions on the Chamberlain website at 

You should use caution when caring for leather goods, especially if you are not experienced in doing so.  Some important notes that we want to draw your attention to include; you can damage your leather product by over applying leather care products which may leave an unwanted residue.  It is important to apply leather care products evenly. 

Leather care preferences vary from person to person. Conditioning, cleaning, or applying a water protectant on leather can change the feeling of the leather and/or darken the leather which some people aesthetically prefer while others do not.   We have used all of these products on our prototype handbags with great success.  We did note some colour deepening on our tan, magenta, turquoise, and blue leather when applied.  This colour deepening lightened up once fully dry.

If you are looking for what some people consider to be an easier to apply option in protecting the leather and fabric on your Mad Hatter Warped & Woven Handbag, Apple Brand Rain & Stain Repellent can be applied to your full handbag without worry.  It is important to apply it evenly and without excess.  Though we did not note a colour or texture change after applying this product to some prototype handbags, we always recommend you use caution and keep in mind that any care products used may change the colour and texture of your handbag.   This product is used purely for preventative protection.  Should you need to clean or condition your handbag, we recommend the Chamberlain products mentioned earlier. 

woman shown from the neck down holding three Mad Hatter Warped & Woven handbags including a Leo, Lovato, and Hartley.

We take pride in making high-quality, ethically-sourced, and hand-crafted handbags for you to enjoy. In following the advice and steps above, we hope you can enjoy your handbags for years to come.   The quality and craftship of each handbag is made to last with a style that is sure to turn heads. 

woman standing in front of a mirror with her hand pressed against the mirror and a Mad Hatter Warped & Woven Lovato Handbag with tan leather.

Light & Love

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